Residencia María Auxiliadora Granada

The most innovative and modern center in the province of Granada

María Auxiliadora Residence proudly welcomed its first residents in October 2018. Positioned as the most innovative and contemporary center in the province of Granada, it stands in full compliance with current regulations.
Every aspect of its construction has been meticulously attended to, seamlessly blending a homely aesthetic with cutting-edge technology, all devoted to enhancing the overall experience for our residents:

  • Featuring the most advanced air conditioning system, our residence ensures a consistent temperature throughout the entire building, eliminating temperature fluctuations, drafts, or intense heat spots. This system not only delivers optimal temperature control but also ensures impeccable ventilation and air renewal by filtering and removing impurities.
  • Our meticulously crafted lighting system is designed to offer both comfort and perfect illumination in every space. Simultaneously, it operates with high efficiency, thanks to the use of smart-controlled LED lights.
  • Enjoy high-speed WIFI coverage and a state-of-the-art internal communication system, including a nurse call feature for prompt assistance.
  • Carefully selected materials and finishes are employed to enhance the homely character of the building: from wood-evoking floors to intricately designed door and wardrobe moldings, the incorporation of wood in all furniture, and a meticulous selection of colors for upholstery and walls. Additionally, the inclusion of plants adds vibrancy and color to each space.

Our management model, coupled with the dedicated team behind it, complements and enriches this project, establishing Residencia María Auxiliadora as a benchmark in the sector.

Our goal is to transcend the notion of a residence as a cold and impersonal place, bringing it closer to that of a home, where individuals can relish in another stage of life with warmth and personalization.